What documents do I need to send to the university along with my application form?

You will need to send with your application form (which if you do not have we can give you) the following documents.

  • 10th Standard Marksheet
  • 12th Standard Marksheet
  • Degree Marksheet
  • If you have completed your Bachelors, you will need to attach your 1st, year, 2nd Year, 3rd year Marksheet.
  • If you have completed your Bachelors in Engineering or Law, you will need to attach, your 4th Year Marksheet.
  • If you have completed your Masters Degree then you will need to attach, both your 1st year as well as 2nd year Marksheets
  • Provisional Certificate
  • 2 Letters of Reference (LORS) -Two academic reference letters/One academic reference letter and one employment reference letter
  • 1 Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Passport Copy (First and Last page only)
  • Work Experience Letter
  • If GMAT /GRE has been done, Scorecard need to be attached
  • If IELTS/TOEFL has been done, marks card needs to be attached.

Q.1 What is the ideal time to start my application process?
The admission process for any overseas university/ institution is lengthy.
For UK, ideally one should start the application process at least 3-4 months prior to the intake date.

For Australia, one should send the applications at least 6 months prior to the intake date.
If one starts the process of shortlisting and applying to universities early, it would benefit the student interested. It betters the chances of receiving admission as well as get priority for accommodation, bursaries and scholarships.

Q.2 How do I find out which University/Institution offers courses I am interested in?
“Excel Educational Services” will help answer all your university related queries. Our highly trained staff can tell you which university/institution around the world has the course that you are interested in.

Is IELTS a mandatory prerequisite for an admission in UK?
IELTS is not mandatory for every University / Institute. It depends on the University / Institute you have applied to. For those students, whose first language is not, they must provide evidence of logistic ability by gaining an IELTS or TOEFL.

Is TOEFL accepted by Australian Universities/Institutions?
Yes it is but TOEFL is not accepted by the Australian High Commission. They only accept IELTS.

Q.3 How important is it that I pay a deposit?
It is important that you pay a deposit. Most Universities/Institutions require the students to pay part of the tuition fees in advance in order to reserve a place for them in the university. we highly recommend that all students make a deposit payment as it helps in making the visa process easier.

Q.4 What am I likely to earn if I take a part-time job while at University?
As a student visa holder in the UK, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during term time and 40 hours a week during holidays. You can earn £ 4 and above per hour depending on the kind of job and location. This can cover a small percentage of your expenses. However, while applying for your visa, you must show evidence of full financial support from other sources to cover university/institution tuition and living costs. Students are always advised not to depend on part time jobs for their living expenses.

Q.5 What is the average time taken for visa processing for Australia ?
10-12 weeks.

Q.6 What is the duration for Masters Program in Australia?
An Australian Masters Program can be 1year, 1.5 years and/or 2 years long.

Q.7 Cost of Living in UK?
As per the new visa rules you must show living expenses for the first year of your course. The amount of which depends on where the university/institution you have chosen to attend is located. For further details contact our nearest office. we would advise a budget of a minimum of £7,000 for both undergraduates and postgraduates. This of course would again vary as per students lifestyle. But we think this should cover a student’s accommodation, food, entertainment, transport, insurance, laundry etc.

Q.8 What is the assessment level of India according to the current Australia visa rules?
Level 4

Q.9 Which are the major intakes for Australia?
Australian Universities/Institutions major intakes are in the months of February and July. Few universities also have October intake.

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