As defined by Wikipedia, Touting occurs when a person advertises,promotes or describes a

security for sale without disclosing that the person is being paid to do so. It is difficult to

establish their credibility or authenticity.


A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area of his specialization and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter.He offers Services for a

Fee. The overall impact of a consultant is that clients have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be feasible for them to retain in house.He is a qualified/educated person who

helps parents/students & organizations with Educational Planning.

So, now you can decide , you need a tout or a consultant with proven, bonafide track- record

and authentic references of last 15-20 years, who has a complete authentic information & knowledge.

Do not fall prey to the seasonal mushrooming over night flyer educational touts promising,

“Every thing for Anything.”

When you hire an Architecht , CA, Lawyer & Doctor you check with number of references &

genuinity , so similar process should be adopted when selecting an Educational Consultant.

Our first consultation in free and our genuinity can be easily checked since we are into this for last 19 years,

working from self owned premises in a dignified location / place.

The office mobile number is 15-16 years old number and is never switched off (364/24/7) hrs in a year.

These Things are discussed to educate people and save them from frauds that happen/repeat every year. Consequently parent lose hard earned money and risk their

ward’s career. We work on transparency and charge fixed fees for our services. Many times people avail our add on services inspite of hiring some one else. We do not mind that too. This practice too is helpful in safeguarding from frauds.

So Beware Parents ,Come Once and then Decide.

Now it is upto you all———— .

We will guide you with all legal backup, authenticity and from point to point & ready references of past clients since 1995 onwards.