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Why should I study in India?
India has the second largest Higher Education System in the world offering the widest range of courses. The quality of education offered by Indian Institutions is recognized globally. Cultural and Religious diversity on Indian campuses contributes towards the all round development. The cost of education is very less as compared with developed countries.College environment is very safe too.

Could you tell me about Higher Education in India?
The Higher Education System of India comprises of more than 325 Universities and 16000 colleges of higher learning, which offers a wide range of courses to suit the needs of international students. The academic programs are offered at Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral levels in the fields related to Engineering,Medical,paramedical & management.

How do we define NRI and PIO?
Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs)
“Persons of Indian Origin” (PIOs) shall mean the Persons who are citizens of other countries (except Pakistan and Bangladesh) who at any time held an Indian Passport, or who or either of his parents or any of his grand parents was a citizen of India by virtue of provisions of the Constitution of India or Section 2 (b) of Citizenship Act, 1955 (Act No. 57 of 1955).

Non-Resident Indian (NRIs)
“NRI” in this context means Non-Resident Indians as defined in Income Tax Act, 1961 with the following clarifications:
An individual is Non-Resident, when he/she is “not a resident” or who is “not ordinarily resident”. A person is treated as “not ordinary resident” when any of the following conditions is satisfied.
(1) If he/she has not been resident in India in nine out of ten preceding years; ( OR)
(2) If he/she has not been in India for a period of 730 days or more during the preceding seven years.

What requirements are there,if I want to study in India?
You must possess Senior Secondary / GCE `A’ level / any other examination equivalent to 12 years of schooling in India, with sufficient knowledge of English, for admission to undergraduate programmes. But for entry into Diploma programs, the qualification required is 10 years of schooling.

Are the Programs offered by Indian Institutions Recognized?
The Universities / colleges offering professional and technical courses in India need recognition by the national level statutory bodies established for the maintenance of quality standards in higher education system. Indian Degrees are recognized worldwide. Students passing from Indian Universities are accepted globally by blue chip companies

When does the Indian Academic Year Start?
The academic year in India usually starts in the month of July. However, some institutions have the academic year beginning in August/September. early But it is better you start your search atleast three months in advance.

Does one need to give GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS or any other test?
No.It is not required.
| Indian Universities do not insist for the above scores. However, since the academic programmes are taught in English, proficiency in English is a must. You should have studied for qualifying examination in English or English should have been one of the subjects.

India is a vast country, How do I find the right institute?
Excel Educare pvt Ltd provides guidance for the placement of International Students in Indian institutions for Higher Education. Excel has tie ups with large number of Universities/Institutions spread all across India, which offers wide range of courses in various disciplines. You may approach Excel for further details on Study in India. Depending on your requirement for the course/place/paying capacity, etc,. Excel Educare Pvt Ltd will provide you with a variety of options with regard to institutions and fee structures to choose from.

What options of accommodation can I have during my Study?
Most colleges will provide hostel accommodation for the International students in the college hostels.Students who wish to stay outside can do so.

Who will I turn to for advice when I am in India?
All institutions have foreign student advisers, who will always be available for guidance. Excel Educare Pvt Ltd will remain your local guardian throughout your stay in India, if you are placed through Excel

Do you have any health care facility for Overseas Students?
Most of the Indian Institutions have their own health care centres where the students are treated for minor ailments. However, for specialised/major treatments, the students have to contact hospitals outside the campus.There are plenty of them in pvt as well as Govt sector,and very cheap too. If students require, the institute will help the students to get a medical insurance cover.

What is the Cost of Living in India?
Living expenses are minimal in India. You can live comfortably within US$ 180 a month to cover food and other expenses

What is the Cost of Study in India?
The Indian Universities offer education at a fraction of cost compared to other educational destinations abroad. The average Institutional Costs Per Annum (tuition fees + accommodation charges) for under-graduate programs are:
US$ 1200 –2500 for Science / Arts / Humanities / Social Sciences / Commerce / Management
US$ 2000 – 4400 for Hotel Management
US$ 3000 – 4400 for Engineering & Technology / Biotechnology
US$ 4000 – 8000 for Dental
US$ 2400 – 4400 for Pharmacy/Nursing
US$ 2000 – 3500 for Paramedical
US$ 14000 -20000 for Medicine

Will I be able to get a Grant/Scholarship?
Indian Universities/Institutions do not provide grants for study. However, some institutions do offer fee concessions.Excel Educare Pvt Ltd can be approached in this regard. Government of India offers scholarships for students from some of the developing countries. For details, please contact the Indian Diplomatic Mission in your country.

What is the procedure involved in coming to India for higher education?
For coming to India for higher education, you would require a student Visa. You need to produce confirmed letter of admission from University/Institution in India for obtaining the student visa.

Who should I contact for further details on Study in India?
For all enquiries related to admission, please email to
Email: international@exceladmissions.com

Why should I go through Excel Educare Pvt Ltd?
Having more than 10 yrs experience in assisting International Students from most of the countries are studying in reputed Indian Institutions, Excel has established its credibility to provide quality services for admissions in Indian Institutions.Excel helps in completion of all formalities and statutory clearances for admission of International students and stays as a local guardian throughout their period of their stay in India.

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