Student Counselling

Student Counselling :-


Student life is the most important part of any growing individual. It is the time when he gains mental, social and physical stability. While undergoing student life, A student faces various ups and downs and has good and bad experiences . Some of them are forgotten over time. Where as some leaves a dent in the mind of a immature/growing child. This may keep on haunting him for the rest of his life. Consequently he suffers on various fronts of Life – like his performance in studies, his inter personal behavior and in his profession too.So student counselling is a mandatory part, which should not be over looked and should be done appropriately and at the right time.

Objectives :-

To uplift the self esteem of a student.
To guide the student about time management .
To meet the peer pressure challenges.
To check the stress areas.
To Inculcate good habits.
Counselling students for solving their problems and provide confidence to improve the quality of life.
Guiding students to choose right career path for job, higher studies, Entrepreneurship etc.


Methodology :-

We at our Institute, conduct psychometric testing, using online tool, in order to assess the student’s
- Personality
- Aptitude
- Interest &
- study habits
After taking this test,a comprehensive report gets generated. A sample copy is attached herewith this project.
We discuss the report with student & parents, apprise them about the strong & weak areas of the student and advise them about the field of study he should choose accordingly. The work does not stop here.We help the student as per his/her capability, capacity & inferences drawn from Psychometric testing, to choose the right college for the course to be pursued.
We advise for the respective entrance Test exam forms to filled at the right time and help him to evaluate his merit rank and choose the college and course accordingly. The counselling & mentoring goes on till the students gets settled in the college environment, may be in hometown or outside it.


Observation :-

We observe that, the results produced by psychometric testing are quite justified to assess the 3-D view of an individual personality. Unfortunately, very less number of people know about it and lesser amongst them are keen to spend money on counselling. It should be encouraged on a wider scale.

Comments :-

Students evaluated on the basis of psychometric testing, if followed and procedures obeyed by the students and parents; can produce marvellous results.

Conclusion and Suggestions :-

Students and parents today are facing the dilemma of proper route following. Parents, sometimes, impose their expectations and desires on their wards. Psychometric testing is a great tool to evaluate the liking and potential areas in which and students can produce excellent results. As Albert Einstein has righty put forward :- “Every body is a genius, But if you judge a fish by its ablity to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”